All Pro Academy

You may have already attended or heard of the All Pro Center of Excellence, which has produced over $1million dollars of soccer scholarship monies for the players who have gone on to play at top universities.

The All Pro Academy is the next level. If you are serious about soccer and want to achieve your full potential, then the All Pro Academy is for you. A true level of commitment is required, but in our opinion the rewards of soccer scholarship monies at universities make the commitment worth while. Already, players who have attended our Centers of Excellence and Academy in the past and who have gone on to College to play soccer, have saved $10,000 to $160,000 on their education at university over a four year period due to soccer scholarships.

As you are aware All Pro’s coaches have played and coached professional soccer, therefore we will give you the edge over your competition.

Send your soccer resume and references to We will then take a look at your soccer abilities and most importantly your academics.

All Pro Center of Excellence

An eight-week soccer clinic designed by ex-professional Gary Walker for players of all levels.

  • Three age groups for both boys and girls: 7–11 yrs, 12–13 yrs, and high school
  • Sessions are once per week for eight weeks
  • 60-minute sessions for 13 and under; 90-minute sessions for high school
  • Activities consist of individual skills and tactical instruction

Please visit our Sports Center for more details about soccer programs in Maine.


All Pro